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Old 31st March 2018, 09:34 AM
Rhonda Hatton Rhonda Hatton is offline
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To better interpret results

So if you have a heavy amount of Western European according to FTDNA, but you want further information ( I.E. Dutch, French or German ) could looking at raw data help? And if so, can you see your raw data without taking it from FTDNA?
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Old 31st March 2018, 09:58 AM
John McCoy John McCoy is offline
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In order for the raw data to be of any help, you would first have to know the population distribution for a large number of SNP's. I'm not sure where to find that information. In any event, traditional genealogy (the paper trail) is likely to be far more informative for, say, Dutch versus French versus German, due to the fact that a large number of French ended up in Germany as a result of the 30 Years' War and other historical mistakes, and in the Netherlands as well as Germany and all the rest of Protestant Europe as a result of the expulsion of the Huguenots. As it happens, records of the families that participated in these migrations have been well researched and are widely available. This is a very good time to be researching that sort of pedigree.
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Old 31st March 2018, 12:32 PM
MoberlyDrake MoberlyDrake is offline
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I think you would have about as much luck trying to use DNA to determine which ancestors came from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky as you would trying to determine French, German, and Dutch! People in those areas have moved and intermarried so much that there can't be much difference in their DNA.

You need to research primary documents if you really want to find out.
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