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Old 3rd June 2018, 02:55 PM
Gnarlodious Gnarlodious is offline
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Yes, Anglo-Saxon

My results came in telling me “British Isles”, which I had to laugh at. Through traditional genealogy going many generations back, I know I have I have zero British Isles ancestors.

But I studied. And what I discovered was that my Danish ancestors were Angles (from northern Denmark) and my German ancestors were Saxons (from lower Saxony). An easy mistake to make on the part of FTDNA.

This was revolutionary though, because according to St Bede, who wrote on the Angles and Saxons migrating to Britannia, The regions of Anglia and Saxony were completely depopulated by the migration.

The DNA refutes this strident claim. There must have been enough of a remaining gene pool in both regions to bring the original Angle and Saxon DNA forward into modern times.

To give St Bede a break, he may have been referring to lower Denmark and upper Saxony. Those two regions do adjoin, and the alliance and migration may have been limited to those two neighbors. They could well have been depopulated, with the aforementioned gene pools remaining in the more geographically extreme areas of Denmark and Germany.
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Old 6th June 2018, 02:25 PM
JSW JSW is offline
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I have a family member 100% German as defined by
all 4 grandparents born in Germany (Central and Eastern)
Results are

European 99%
British Isles 75%
East Europe 24%

Thus using family finder to sort East vs West out is going
difficult if not impossible.
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Old 13th June 2018, 09:59 AM
MrsCHerrera MrsCHerrera is offline
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I got the opposite result here at FTDNA. However, testing with LivingDNA I did get that result.

Family Tree DNA results:

British Isles 26%

Western Europe 68% (this includes both my French heritage and my German. My great Grandmother was 100% French (Canadian), but my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather also had a lot of German.

I also have 3% Southeast Europe, and trace regions in Finnish, Oceania, central asian (India), and North/central American.

I have a lot of Scottish via paper trail, yet I didn't specifically get Scottish/Irish to come up in the DNA here.

At LivingDNA, however:

90% British and Irish

8% Europe North and West (they tried to further define as Scandinavian)

And 1.3% Asia South (India again)

On this site, there is a break down of the UK contribution by country/region and there is 3.7% in Southeast England that has a disclaimer, stating:

If you have Southeast England ancestry that you didn’t expect: If you expected Germanic ancestry, then it is likely that it has been mistaken for British ancestry. If you expected British ancestry, but not East Anglian, then it is possible that you possess a slightly higher Anglo-Saxon ancestry proportion than expected and East Anglia is used to represent this.

This site also shows Scottish ancestry, as I would expect...however, does not show French or German specifically (the Europe north and west might be representing this, but they guessed it to be Scandinavian.)

I also took my raw DNA from FTDNA and uploaded it at MyHeritage. They didn't show ANY Asian/Indian/trace regions at all. And, instead, said I was 100% European:

49.5% North&West European

29.9% English

20.6% Scandinavian

All the sites said fairly drastically different estimates within the European break down, though were 3% within being European as a whole. Point being, this is NOT an exact science. They can tell if you're EUROPEAN, or ASIAN, or AFRICAN, or NATIVE AMERICAN predominantly...however, breaking down regions within these main clusters is much more difficult to pinpoint accurately. I thought my British was over estimated with LivingDNA, under estimated with FTDNA, and then wtf?@randomly saying a whopping 20% Scandinavian at MyHeritage? I say, if you test with multiple companies, or upload your DNA and have it evaluated by multiple calculators, you're probably going to get a more accurate admixture result by averaging ALL results you have received from every where. But, that's my opinion. Until this science gets more precise, our ethnicity estimates will be just that...an estimate. Subject to interpretation.
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Old 4th July 2018, 09:13 AM
Rhonda Hatton Rhonda Hatton is offline
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Absolutely true.

The results of any of these companies are highly subject to interpretation; we live in a world where prominent zygomatic bones are called ''high cheekbones'' never mind they're usually not any higher or lower than usual, they're just thicker! How then will scientists know anything about ancestry?
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