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Originally Posted by dna View Post

It was reported in the forum that father and son can differ in up to 3 markers. I would not try to limit those differences to any particular markers. Thus they are guaranteed to be matches in Y-DNA67 and Y-DNA111 results, as presented by FTDNA. However, matching at Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25 and Y-DNA37 might or might not happen. Most of father and son pairs match at all levels (regardless of Genetic Distance), however there is no guarantee of that.

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Yes I do realize that, my yDNA line itself varies by 4GD to 1st cousin, one marker a possible 2 step mutation. Brothers also have a GD of 1.

In reality it will be rare that a father and son will have more then 4 at the 37 marker level (3 difference will show as a match)
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