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STR markers (12 marker level) are used by FTDNA only to Predict haplogroup.
SNP testing by individual is needed to confirm.
If FTDNA can not confidently predict haplogroup based on first 12 markers, they fill run a free SNP test to determine basic haplogroup.

In regards to father son mutation, father and son will always match. Maybe not on the first 12 markers if it is a 1 to 2 step mutation which occurs with one of this levels STR markers, as the 12 marker level only shows exact matches with the exception that matches with a difference of 1 are also shown if the two people belong to the same Group project.

Father/son will also match haplogroups even if there is a SNP mutation. Son will just have a different SNP value, which later down the road(generations of SNP transmission) may get classified as a subclade of fathers Haplogroup subclade.

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