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Feature Request for Order History

I would like to strongly suggest - if/when someone in programming has the time - to modify the Order History so, when it is necessary to send out a new set of Vials and Swabs, two more lines are added - for New Vials Sent: [with date sent out] and New Vials received back: [with date for received back- "Pending" until received]

Exact wording could certainly be modified - but this would be a great help.

One of my cousins ordered FF from a Kit created quite a while ago from a Geno transfer -- I rather suspected they had sent new swabs and vials when the expected date jumped over a month into the future about two days after the order was processed and the first expected date listed. When she finally got back from vacation, she confirmed that yes, they had. But the Order History shows nothing about that, and the Awaiting Results simply gets bumped further out but shows nothing else.

If it had gotten lost in the mail and I had not commented, she would never have known. (I suspect this may possibly be the problem for some of the folks who are waiting for months for results which just keep getting postponed.)

And as somebody interested in seeing the results, it would be very helpful to see when the New Vials were received back, and know they were not lost in the mail.
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