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To what level did your male relative test? Was it only to 12 markers, or to something higher, such as 25, 37 or 67 markers?

If tested to a higher level, see if any of the 12 marker matches continue to match, and contact those. Matches at 12 or even 25 markers are unlikely to be related in a genealogical timeframe, where you could find out your common connection.

Most advice for Y STR testing is to test at least at the 37 marker level, even 67. You will get fewer matches at the higher levels, but they will have an increasing chance of being related within a genealogical timeframe. See the chart in the FTDNA Learning Center, for Paternal Lineage Tests, under the heading "The Science of Your Direct Paternal Line." It shows the different probabilities for the number of generations ago that a common ancestor lived, by percentage.

For example, the chart shows that for a Y-DNA 12 marker test with a match with Genetic Distance of 0, there is a 95% probability that the common ancestor would be 29 generations ago. That is roughly something like 700 years or so, and few people can trace their ancestors that far back. Compare that with a 0 genetic distance at Y-DNA 67 markers: a 95% probability that the common ancestor would be 7 generations ago, perhaps less than 200 years; it's much more likely to determine a common ancestor at that level of testing.
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