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I believe I found my birth brother, sister & deceased father through a dna match with someone who was able to give me some family history. I always believed my birth father died shortly after I was born. I only found out 2 years ago after my mother died that the father's name on my birth certificate was a made up name. This came from the only person in the world who knew the truth - a cousin of my mom's (who my mom was living with at the time she became pregnant). My mom never told this cousin she was pregnant - she moved back home (different city) and 7 months later I was born. This cousin, my aunt, told me the name of the man mom was dating at the time. Lets call him John King (not real name) She told me 1) his name, 2) the area he was from, 3) that he was younger than my mom and 4) his occupation. I had 4 pieces of information to work with.

So I put my dna out there with both FTDNA and Ancestry. A few months ago I had a 189 cm match (my biggest match by far) with a private person on Ancestry. I emailed them with my story and said I hope you have some "Kings" in your family because I believe that may be my father's name. I was pretty excited when the person emailed back and their last name was King.

He told me that the entire family was still in a province a few over from mine except for his grandfather's brother Edward (his actual name is very uncommon - I had never heard it before) who moved to my province (and same area that my aunt said my father was from), became a surgeon, and married a woman named Sarah. These people were possibly my grandparents.

I remembered an obit I had seen a few months previously for a John King (father's name), which I took note of because of the name and similarities to the information from my aunt. I reread the obit and this John King who had passed had been born in the same area my aunt said my father was from, was a few years younger than my mom, and had parents named Edward and Sarah (remember Edward's real name is very uncommon), and that Edward was a doctor. Also, my possible birth father owned a business that was in the exact same field that my aunt had said my birth father was in.

The strange thing is that my possible birth father lived in the same city as me for many years (far away from where mom got pregnant and even farther from where I was born). His house is about 15 minutes from mine and his business is about 5 minutes from where I live. Unfortunately he passed before I could meet him, but he has 2 children also living in the same city as me (possible 1/2 siblings). Within 2 weeks of my dna match, I was leaving a restaurant at the same time a man was coming in, who I recognized from Facebook as my possible 1/2 brother. I approached him and told him a little of my story. We got together later and talked for 2 hours. He agreed to do a dna test as it is very likely we are 1/2 siblings.

So after my long and probably confusing story above, sometimes it is just a matter of having a dna match with the right person - not necessarily a match with a parent or sibling. My match was with a 2nd cousin who happened to have the right information.
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