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communicating with new cousin

i've always been interested in genealogy. i originally submitted my DNA to national geographic for MtDNA analysis, then had it transferred to here. but, didn't get my chromosomal DNA sequenced until recently.

i was most interested in finding more on my dad's side, particularly the swedish connection. i was curious about my mom's side too as i never really knew them. there was estrangement there, so this has also been a bit of a healing process for me. i've been wanting to know what my mom's relatives were like as people.

well, when my chromosomal results came in in january and i got two 2nd cousin matches, many more cMs than any other match. one of them reached out to me, but i didn't recognize the surname and thought it was my dad's side. then another cousin reached out and we confirmed that my g-grandmother and his g-grandfather were siblings on my mom's side! my g-grandmother and another brother emigrated to the US in early 1900 and lost contact with everyone else. very sad.

my new cousin (who luckily speaks/writes english well) and i have been emailing much the last few weeks, exchanging family info, sharing photos, and clarifying some misunderstandings about rumors regarding my g-grandmother's brother. he's been able to trace this line back on paper a few hundred years as well. so, i now know more about my mom's side than my dad's.

i have a cousin in the US too who has been filling-in many blanks. so, i'm learning so much about my mom's side, hearing interesting stories, in just a few weeks. i now know what my g-grandparents and my g-grandmother's relatives look like, after all these years.

also, this surname is an old noble family that's documented going back to the 1300s. my cousin is pretty certain we're connected to a side line of the documented main line, after much professional genealogical research. since this family's history is online and mentioned in history books, it's nice to read about this lineage.

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