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Family Finder helped confirm my father's parentage. He was given his mother's maiden name at birth (out of wedlock). His mother eventually married (10+ years later) and my father then assumed the name of the new husband. As kids we were told that the husband really was the father, married at the time, who later divorced and 'made things right' with my grandmother and my dad; we all believed that.

80 years later the paper trail unraveled as census and my dad's birth records/changes became known. Family Finder, however, has confirmed the story and renewed my grandmother's credibility.

On a different line, my grandsons have learned a great deal about their paternal side ancestry via autosomal DNA matches, like Family Finder.

Nearly all the value I've gotten from DNA testing has been through autosomal; none through FMS (yet...) and nothing yet of value from y-111.
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