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OK, it sounds like you are combining two different tests in your post.

The "Family Finder" is the autosomal DNA that traces ALL lines, but it sounds like you are really asking about the yDNA tests which trace only the paternal line.

For the yDNA (paternal line only) - You will find people have mixed results, depending on how many people test that could be matches for you.

My husband's line is "turn of the century"/1890's immigrants. He has a couple matches, but not close matches and no surname matches. I am not surprised.

On the other hand... I tested my dad/grandfather and have had great success and was able to determine a shared common ancestor from the 1700's. I already knew this man was most likely our ancestor, but the paper trail gets confusing because his two sons both had sons with the same name born less than a decade apart. Anyhow, I had joined my surname project and met a few distant cousins and we are collaborating on some of our research.

Back to the actual Family Finder... I see the same thing occurring where our "turn of the century" immigrants have a lot less matches, but our earlier lines have thousands of matches.
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