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Family Finder. So who did you find? Anyone.

First kudos to FTDNA for processing my SNP Pack literally withing a couple of weeks. I was surprised to see the results back so quickly.

Now you folks out there who use Y DNA Family Finder. Did you get anything out of it that made the cost and time worthwhile? At least my SNP pack brought me further into Europe to Moldavia, which figured in the life of the Wallachian Prince Dracul who had family in that part of the Carpathias. Has anybody found any points where your path and the path of someone elses forefather may have crossed? Names were changed as a matter of safety and phony documentation as needed for survival.

My family name is Bergman, I know that there was at least my great grandfather who also carried the secondary name of Preiss, meaning he was either Austrian or was a nickname of whatever it meant in daily life. And I cant find anyone out there who when they do post names, that carries the name Bergman or perhaps uses the name Priess. Surely with such big families as Jews as did so many of our non Jewish neighbors, that I would come across a Bergman or Priess somewhere in the areas related to my SNPS etc.

So who has family finder helped more then just giving a faint hope that maybe someon somewhere in the boonies of the US or Ukraine may or may not be related and really how many really care when you write them and say that you were closely related 5 Paternals ago, but since then the line stopped.

I know Im rambling, Im sorry, but I do know in my fathers town there were 3 clans of Bergmans, distinct for the most part, but all working class family people. After 1942, there was not a single living Bergman left. My father was gone building roads for the krauts, some Uncles snuck into Russia. But no mention of any family there despite the DNA evidence showing a link to Belerussia and the Ukraine and all lands so configured at the time. It feels like there isnt much Family Finder can do other then tell you what you pretty much already have reviewd based on DNA and the Group projects.

Tevye: As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.
Mendel: Where does the book say that?
Tevye: Well, it doesn't say that exactly, but somewhere there is something about a chicken.

Its like that, somewher there is something about a relative. Thats the feeling I get from reading some experiences. Havent found anybody really overwhelmed with the outcome after all their work.

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