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Originally Posted by Stephen Parrish View Post
As of today, Yfull's experimental haplotree displays 29 SNPs one level downstream from DF27.

Stephen Parrish
Co-administrator, DF27+ and Subclades DNA Project
26 out of those 29 also exist at Alex W's BigTree

The three that do not are because of one of two reasons. Either because Alex Williamson has not analyzed the files or because they are simply using different names for some of the same SNPs. Either way they are small groups. The 1st is Y24895 which has two people. One of those people is from Mexico and ultimately most likely from Iberia. The 2nd is Y3505 which has two people from Cagliari from the Francalicci et al. 2013 study. The 3rd is a group of 5 people from Hampshire in the UK.

So, other than 3 possibly missing branches from Alex W's BigTree there is more information and granularity in his tree as far as DF27 branches and where certain DF27 SNPs are found. That's mostly due to his service being free. It's good to have two different sites because they offer two services. Alex does not analyze BAM files and YFull does and Alex does not provide an estimated TMCRA.
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