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Make DF27 simple for me

I don't want a lot of confusing words, but I want to get the basic jist of what people think about DF27 right now. I have seen some forum postings from a few years back and want to know if this is still how people understand it now.

I think the last important findings divided DF27 into three big categories: Z196-,Z278+ and Z278-. None of them have a very strong geographic concentration except that a smaller group under Z278+, M153+, is considered 'Basque'.

Although the other SNP statuses are less geographically defined, I heard some people argue that British DF27 tended to be Z196-, Spanish DF27 tended to be Z278+, and that Dutch DF27 tended to be Z278-.

Is this still what people think or are they thinking something new now? Again, I don't want confusing talk about the Bronze Age Refugeum or whatever, just to know where people are.
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