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Given that you have Sicilian and southern Italian ancestry, I would be very surprised if you did not have "Middle Eastern" (West Asian) ancestry.

The Arabs ruled over Sicily as an Emirate for about 250 years, and there was much trade with north Africa before and after that. There was even a dialect of Sicilian Arabic, which was fairly similar to the Arabic dialect that became Maltese (which is essentially an Arabic written in Latin letters today, though with many loanwords from Italian).

The Emirate came to an end with the Norman invasion of 1086 but of course this was just a political transition, not an ethnic one. The Arabs living there remained (and many were baptized as Christians), and Arabic was still being used as the administrative language of government at least 100 years later.

On the Italian mainland there were also various Arab enclaves established, though these did not last as long as the Emirate in Sicily.
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