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Originally Posted by PDHOTLEN View Post
In the family tree I've been putting together (mine), i've taken some of my maternal lines back to Medieval times, mostly via entries at Ancestry. I connect to the Bruce line with Mary Clarissa de Bruce, born 1255, Annandale, Scotland. Her father was Robert "The Competitor" de Bruce, 5th Earl of Annandale, 1210-1295. Tracing that line back, I ended at Rognwald "The Wise" Eysteinsson, born 830 in Oppland, Norway, and died 890 in the Orkney Islands. I don't know how accurate this all is.
This is tracing the male line back from Robert. Could it be R1a1a?

There is also a female connection along the way to Arlogia Vladimirovna (c.1011-1046), daughter of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kievan Rus. Her mother came from Byzantine imperial stock.

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