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GEDMATCH is tricky to use and you can't always take the Oracle stuff super seriously.

That said, I know that tens of thousands of Scottish actually went to Poland and the Baltics in the 1600-1900 period. In fact, we were shocked when tracing back my mom's Baltic German line that we hit upon the surname Barclay for someone born in the 1700s! And then we just found that a Baltic German cousin in Latvia in the 1900s married a Baltic German who turned out to be 75% German and 25% Scottish. We were surprised to see one of his grandmothers listed as being born in Scotland and even more shocked to get MyHeritage tree matches for that person. And the trees we matched to were like all 100% Scottish and none of them had a remote clue that they had someone go off to Latvia. Interestingly that couple got married in both Riga and in Scotland and the people back in the UK/US guessed that the man she married was Scottish! They had no clue he was Baltic German from Latvia. As it turned out they returned back to Latvia right away again and had kids there, but I suppose it could go the other way at times. Mostly what I see back then seems to be the wrong direction though for what you are looking for.

FWIW my dad who is mostly Latvian gets a decent number of people who seem to have ultra Irish backgrounds. Not yet quite sure what it means.
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