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Irish Correspondences

For the first time I notice that I'm having some limited success in getting accurate results from the ethnicity calculators at Gedmatch, specifically MDLP Project K16 Modern.

But only a rough kind of success. With a very vague sort of geographical correspondence between the returned reference populations under the 4-factor analyses and the ancestral homes on my paper trail. With notable exceptions that I mostly attribute to the donors' inheriting a less than perfect 25% grandparental contribution across the board.

Elsewhere I've hypothesized to some of my matches that Sicilian ancestry may be reported as Greek, Macedonian or Albanian. I don't have any such ancestry myself, but just made a rough guess based on a crude knowledge of historical settlement in Sicily.

But I've also noticed something else.

Closer to home, I've noticed that about a half dozen of my Irish-born matches consistently show Polish or Belarusian components to their ancestry. Interestingly, this small sample of folks are all from Co. Roscommon or adjacent parts of Co. Galway. Any other Irish folks notice similarly strange patterns?

I'm not suggesting that there is any recent or even remote historical migration between these places. Just wondering whether through happenstance that some sub-set of alleles regionally prevalent in east Connacht might consistently approximate markers typical in parts of Poland/Belarus.

I know it's weird, but so too is the apparent correspondence I noted in my small pilot sample.

Just wondering.
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