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Smile Visuzlization of mt-dna matches

I have done mt-dna FMS test and have got about 40 matches. 2 years ago there were only 20 matches. I noticed that two of GD 2 matches are from same village. And third GD 2 is near from that place.

I asked one of them his mt-dna match list and he gave it to me. In that list the another and near another was GD 0.

Some day I was so interested in that thing. My friend had made a perl script which modifies family finder match lists to suitable form to SQLite database import. I tried it to mt-dna match list. It worked! So I added our two mt-dna lists to one SQLite database. And then I was able to do versatile SQL queries to matches.

And I tried Gephi to visualize relations. GD 2 makes two steps and three nodes. The nodes are mutations.

Then I made GD 1 query to database. Result is GD 1 from both of us GD 2 distance. So when the reult have GD 1 to me and GD 1 to him, inevitably the result is between us. I got near 10 such results.

When I show the graph to my friend, he says that he sees phylotree on it! Iam not so sure. I need more match lists from the central mutation.

Sorry, topic contains typo.

I am exited how easy is it to do a "scientific" research to mt-dna data.

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