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Originally Posted by RebeccaR View Post
I had my Uncle tested and his Batch#798 full mtDNA results will come in soon.

I only match with him on my X chromosome at 23.88 cM. I share 1,677 cM with him overall.

Since we don't match so much on X, will he have the same haplogroup as my Mother (his Sister), who hasn't been tested?

Is there any benefit to having my Mother's mtDNA done?
RebeccaR, in the statement I made bold above, you seem to be equating the X chromosome with mtDNA. They are not the same. The X chromosome is included with autosomal testing (Family Finder at FTDNA), and is found in the nucleus of the cell. But mtDNA is not part of autosomal DNA; it comes from outside the nucleus, in the cytoplasm.

It is still true that siblings with the same mother will have the same mtDNA haplogroup, so J Honeychuck's advice is good.

mtDNA is passed from a mother to her children, but males do not pass it on. This means that mtDNA follows the direct maternal line, back from you to your mother, and with her brother to their mother, to her mother, etc.

The X chromosome does have a unique inheritance pattern, due to males having one X chromosome, and females having two. Louise Coakley's "X-DNA's helpful inheritance patterns" article is good to read, and has charts and links about the X chromosome. Also check out her article, "What types of DNA tests are available?" which has a good illustration of from where in the human cell each type of DNA comes.

Another good article is Roberta Estes' blog post, "X Matching and Mitochondrial DNA is Not the Same Thing."

You may also find the animations at Learn.Genetics for the four types of DNA to be worth watching.
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