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In the concept of a time frame don't each of the various tests, Y-DNA, mtDNA, and FF have their own reference scales. Since mtDNA usually changes the least in the passage of time, it becomes the least usable for current geneanlogy, unless you are testing people who you suspect of being related down the maternal line. The Y-DNA changes a bit slower, but then can throw out mutations which will knock a potential match right off the markers and again make it's use for current genealogy a bit less than perfect. Unless again you are working with perhaps closely connected individuals down the paternal lines. But simple random fishing for matches can be worthless.

With the autosomal DNA we again face the problem of rapid change of the DNA pattern thus causing DNA segments to disappear with ancestral lines then going completely disappearing in recent generations. A person can develop an excellent paper trail in to Colonial America but not have the DNA to "prove" a connection between families on those same lines. Connections from a 6th to 8 cousin level and sometimes even closer. All you have to do to show that is have a set of siblings test DNA and look at the differences in the match lists that are given to each of them. However, if you have no siblings or parents to test, you definitely have less information to go on for matching within the genealogical time frame.

And when it comes to family trees, I'm very much inclined to laugh hysterically over "Adam and Eve" trees, even ones that go back to the 1300's can cause a good chuckle. If you want to take a peek over at Ancestry, for one of my supposed ancestress, you can do a search of all US collections, records, pictures, maps, family trees, for Sarah Bokavar, from around 1710 or so, an "Indian princess/Shawnee". I list her on my tree as simply "Sarah" MNU/Friend as the only real record of her was her name "Sarah". I show no NA DNA and come down from her and her husband by two lines in my family. All the trees that have her ancestry going back to her NA family and their names and dates, set me to ROTFLMHO.
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