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Without further information, I don't think you can conclude that there is something amiss with your pedigree. Rather, it seems at least as likely that there is just nobody out there who has tested yet, who is directly related to your patrilineal line, unless perhaps the one or two possible matches with different surnames. But surnames have not always been immutable, even in the British Isles. It is entirely conceivable either that related families happened to choose different surnames whenever those became fashionable where they lived, or else that a surname was changed for some reason that made sense at the time.

If you browse through the various surname projects, you will see that in some cases, almost everyone who tests ends up being related, while in others, there are evidently dozens of genetically unrelated families that have the same surname. There are also examples of the converse situation, where multiple surnames share the same Y chromosome pattern. Surnames seem to have been adopted gradually, and at least in some areas they were not always passed from father to child in the way we understand them today. It seems to me the history of how surnames came to be used and then came to be permanent, is reflected in the patterns we see in the surname projects.
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