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Question An onion in a petunia patch

My brothers 67Ydna....... at the 67y level he has (0) perfect matches, (2) at the genetic distance of 1, (8) at the genetic distance of 2 and so forth. All but two of these matches have different surnames. The different surnames are among the genetic distance of 2.
As I proceed to the 37 and 25 matching levels there are many more different names in the lists.
His/our surname doesn't match any of these.
I've done the genealogy back to1609 and have a very good paper trail , meaning no hiccups with birth dates of all children in each generation.
Could this results mean only one thing a NPE or "Non-paternity event"? I'm at a lost to think this is so based on my paper trail!!!!!!
I've just purchased and not yet received an upgrade to Y111 and R1b-M343&M269 Backbone SNP Pack. I was hoping this might shed some light on the subject.
I've been working on finding someone with our surname to take a DNA test, the problem is I personally know all living in the USA with this name and no one has offered to help. I'm now looking in Canada and I've not been successful as of today.
Does anyone have an explanation as to what is going on.............
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