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Hopefully the H11 volunteer responds with more details, but just to add a bit more explanation - the person included with you in this new group is assigned by FTDNA to H11 because they lack A16293G which is one of the two definitions that currently define H11a. It is possible that this is a recent back mutation in that person's maternal line. If they were assigned to H11a, they would be listed as a 1-step match with you in the full sequence. Because of the smart matching approach used, your close FMS matches are only shown if they are in your exact subclade (that is, a 1-step match who is assigned to H11 will not be included in your match list). This approach usually works well, but in cases where people are not assigned to the correct subclade because of a back mutation, close matches can be excluded from your match list.

I'd recommend emailing the H11 volunteer again and asking them to forward an email from you to your close match.
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