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Family Tree Maker

I've been using Family Tree Maker since the 1990s. It had the most to offer at the time and I've never bothered to seek out anything new.

I just recently upgraded to 2012, my third version of the program, for two reasons:

1. It syncs with Ancestry. Anything I do on Ancestry will be saved to Family Tree Maker and anything I do on Family Tree Maker will be saved to Ancestry. This eliminates the need to take notes and try to keep both up to date. Family can view my research by going to Ancestry... no need to purchase software and obtain a copy of my files (which might be out of date a week later as I add new discoveries).

2. I have Polish and German names in my tree that utilize special characters (umlauts, etc) that aren't used in English. My previous version of Family Tree Maker did not allow these characters to be entered.

On the downside 2012 does have a slight learning curve. The program does what I want but it often takes a little searching to figure it out. I can see where many genealogists that aren't computer savvy could have problems. It should be much more user friendly.