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Originally Posted by Slithy Tove View Post
In this case is phylo saying that T152C! is a back mutation present in subclades U5a1a1a, U5a1a1b, and U5a1a1h but not in U5a1a1c?
Yes, you interpreted this correctly. However, I don't think it is useful to include highly volatile markers like 152, 195, 16362, etc as unnamed branch point in the phylotree. There will be some people in U5a1a1a with C152T!! and some people in U5a1a1c with T152C! These markers might (or might not) have some value when you are looking at your closest matches, but they don't add much informational value to the phylotree. FTDNA includes these branch names in subclade assignments, and I think mostly just confuses people.

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