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Originally Posted by SpitFire View Post
Hi all,
I am new to all of this so bare with me please. I originally got my DNA tested by Ancestry with results being 54% Great Britain, 30 something Western Europe, and 11% Scandinavian. That matched what I figured; most of my ancestors that I have been able to trace migrated to the United States from England, Scotland, or Ireland between the early 1600s and 1750. I have no native American DNA at all, 100% Europe both here and at Ancestry, so it looks like settlers marrying settlers. We mostly have stayed in the same place, too. I uploaded my data here and got different results; 63% West and Central Europe, 19% Scandinavian, and the rest British Isles. I am basically trying to determine what ancient groups my ancestors came from, i.e. Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Britons, Germanic tribes, etc. I am also trying to figure out exactly where the Scandinavian comes in. In my research through Ancestry, I originally traced a line back to Rollo (the Viking) but kind of laughed that off. I began researching English natives and came across the Norman invasion and realized that I had many ancestors born in Normandy, per the Ancestry trees. Having said all of that, I guess I have 3 questions:
Is there any way to determine which groups my ancestors belonged to in Central Europe?
Is there a way to determine where the Scandinavian ancestry comes from?
How likely is it that the ancestry trees that traced me all the way back to Rollo are accurate given the DNA results?

Thanks in advance, I'm a total noob, go easy on me! Oh, and I'm female, so I cannot do a Y haplogroup test, unfortunately.

Autosomal tests are useless for what you are looking for.

You should take the Full Sequence mtDNA test ... or if you've got a brother, make him take both yDNA and mtDNA.

With a Full Seq. test you should find out more about where you're mothers came from ... including scandinavia.
(when the testresults are back, you can then join the correct groups and get more details of your ancestors.)

Rollo might be more difficult ... without any paper trail of your own, you'll have to find a 100% mtDNA match with a trail, and even then it's questionable
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