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I've done that already. I was able to determine that he has to be be on my mom's side, because the shared surnames among the common matches all point at my mom's (French Canadian) side of the family rather than my dad's (German/Ukrainian), but they were all much more distant from me and none of them had enough information in their public trees that I could actually nail down the connection to them either.

I have actually gotten lucky in the past by Googling names of relatives -- I actually once succeeded in finding a third cousin I knew about but had never met just by Googling his name and contacting the smalltown newspaper in which an article about a person of that name turned up alongside names of other people I recognized as likely relatives. (Turned out, in fact, that the entire town was thick to overflowing with relatives because my grandfather's cousin founded the company that built it in the first place!) This one doesn't have a rare enough name that Google would likely be effective, though.

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