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I was referring to your uncles accounts, if not clear.
It does not matter how much DNA is shared, it depends on which segments in each uncle have been identified as maternal or paternal. You will only be placed based on if and how you share these identified segments.

You have to match each one separately with an in common with match(that shares same segment) that has been identified as maternal and and another one identified as paternal (sharing same segment). If you only share a maternal match (Uncles maternal match with same segment), then you will be assigned on his maternal tab, if you do not share a match with him that was identified as paternal, you will not show up in both tab (even though you know you share both his lines).
Sibling are not phased with one another as they share both line, need 3rd match to determine maternal vs paternal.
Anyone below ones line(descendants ie children, niece/newphew, grandchildren, ect) that share both your maternal and paternal lines can not be phased/identified unless they share a match that is linked strictly to your maternal or paternal line, or share a maternal match and a paternal match (same segment in all of you)

Phasing deals with matching segments that can be identified as maternal and paternal.
Even though one uncle list you as maternal and the other paternal, phasing will not look at them together as siblings and assume that you should then show up on their both tab.
You will have to share a segment deemed paternal with the one uncle(uncle that has you as maternal) and share a segment deemed maternal with the other uncle (uncle that has you as paternal) before you show up on their both tab.

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