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The lack of purple phasing I am referring to is on my two uncles accounts not on mine where they simply appear as maternal (to me).

I match one of my uncles maternal 1st cousins and one of my uncles paternal 1st cousins for matches of 422cMs and 415cMs (my 1st cousins 1R) therefore I can see I do have enough segments to phase properly through both of my maternal grandparents. Both of my uncles match both of these people and other proven relations also related on both sides of the family so that is why I can't understand why the phasing isn't correct.

Plus if there was a problem it shouldn't be phasing me maternal only on one account and paternal only on the other. I imagine there must be something wrong in the phasing algorithm.

Three of my cousins who share less DNA with the same two uncles phase purple.

Another thought - my test was done the earliest (in 2012) - could this be an issue? Could my results be recorded/measured slightly differently perhaps because a different system was used in those days?
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