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I'm guessing here but I think there would be too much potential for mistakes if it was extended past third cousins, particularly in endogamous populations.

I do understand your frustration because the best match for one of the kits I manage is a 3C1R. I can't be certain that all the matching segments are from the line we know of because our ancestor (gt-grandfather of my person who tested) emigrated from this smallish Scottish town in the 1850s whereas their ancestor stayed and married within the local community for a couple more generations. Everyone seemed to be cousins to everyone else in this town. OK - that's an exaggeration, but there was a lot of intermarriage, plus, according to church records, our gt-grandfather's uncle had a few children "born in uncleanness" and they're just the ones we know of.

I hope the father of the 3C1R will test.
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