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You may have to get a new kit.....although FTDNA did the labwork on your MyHeritage sample, so your kit is likely in the building. I just don't know if FTDNA has an agreement with MH to use the kits for FTDNA purposes.

Here is a well organized tutorial..
not sure if some chapters might be old, but I can see some of the chapters have been updated.

Y37 is a good idea to get your genetic surname. No guarantee your bio-father had it but very likely. Results just depend on who has tested.

You should also take AncestryDNA, on sale in Dec since they have the mega database of 7 to 8 million, many with good trees.

For a quick advice, on autosomal tests, concentrate on the top few, those above 1.5% or 100 cM. These are the lower ranges of 2nd cousin. Below that, you are going to have a tough time, unless you see something else that looks promising.

And if possible, test your mother or any close maternal relative. 1/2 siblings, aunts/uncles, gp etc
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