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YDNA upgrade and DNA for Dummies

My whole purpose of buying a DNA kit was to maybe find my biological father (don't even know his name) or possible relatives from his side.. I got the test thru My Heritage, which brought me to this site. This is all so confusing with halogroups, autosomal and so many more terms I have never heard of. I am going to buy the Y37. Does anyone know if it is another test sent thru the mail or do they just "upgrade" persay with the results I already had done thru My Heritage?
Also, I have actually looked for "DNA for DUMMIES" lol because it IS so confusing. Seems I really must understand the terms just to navigate thru FTDNA. Didn't really find any pertaining specifically to my needs. Anyone know of something out there that can help me in an easier way? I read it 10 times and still am confused.
Thanks for ANY help!
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