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Their customers are determined to think FTDNA is the one creating the problem, despite the fact that transfers were working previously and now files need to be "fixed" before being uploaded.

They think the free transfer is a "marketing ploy" to get new customers, which makes no sense to me. Allowing the competitor's customers to use your service for free is not something you can cash in on. Also, offering free service then sabotaging it is not a sensible way to convince people to give you money. So basically they think FTDNA is run by people who hate profits and want to have a bad reputation?

Many of them are searching for very close relatives and Ancestry supposedly has a bigger database (6 times FTDNA's database, but I don't know if that includes Ancestry, 23&Me, and MyHeritage transfers). They also know they can transfer to FTDNA for free, so they advise everyone to do that instead of testing here. I just find it irresponsible to encourage someone to buy a product knowing that the average person won't read the terms and conditions and knowing that those terms and conditions are not acceptable to me. I have a feeling they haven't even read them themselves.

I'm concerned that they're doing this though. I'm all for matches no matter how I get them, but I already know all my immediate family members. What I need are 3rd and 4th cousins, and if they only come here as transfers, with the 39% or so no-calls, I won't even see the majority, if not all of them, in my list. So by their actions, which I already deem foolish, they're also hindering my own progress with my genealogical research, and who knows how many others?
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