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R-L51 is R1b1a1a2a1 ,SNP L51 defines the "1" subclade branch

R-P312 is R1b1a1a2a1a2, SNP P312 defines the "2" subclade branch.
R-P312 is also R-L51 (will test positive for L51), but not all R-L51's will be R-P312, some may follow a different subclade branch. (But in your case it is most likely that R-L51 will also be R-P312)

R-P312 is just tested deeper in your haplogroup subclade.

If R-L51 tested deeper (does yDNA SNP testing), he would also most likely test positive to at least R-P312

One has to look at haplotree to see if one is a parent branch of the other when comparing haplogroups, unless one has done full yDNA testing which determines ones final known subclade placement

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