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Originally Posted by dagreeley View Post
I am curious to know on the YDNA-SNP map when you click on the SNP associated with your level of testing (in my case I-P109), whether the map indicates whether these are areas in which individuals tested positive (with FTDNA) live, or do these areas reflect population areas where larger groups are concentrated geographically?

Thank you in advance.
I assumed it was the residence of the earliest known paternal ancestor, if listed. Thank you everyone who supplied that information!

FT doesn't know where the people they test actually live (the mailing address may or may not reflect the individual's current location), nor where they were born.

And certainly, for most specific locations, there aren't reliable or relevant population frequencies for Y-DNA variants.

Is this what you were asking? In the case of one of our family members:
He currently lives in country A
The mailing address used by FT is country B
He was born in, and his earliest known ancestor is from, country C.
His pin is in the right place ... country B.

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