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What's next???

I'm interested in the National Geographic genome project. I did the family finder test and have been unable to get any of the information I was interested in. I am trying to get my paternal DNA info. I got some information from my test on origins but apparently I can't get any further information because I don't have a male relative from the paternal line to test.
I have sent a family finder test to my mother and as soon as I get the results I will subtract her profile from mine and hopefully get my paternal profile.
I have joined the English Ydna project hoping to get information as I believe the DNA that I see on the map is paternal and all seems to be concentrated in England. I was surprised by this as I was told my paternal ancestry was Norwegian.
I have contacted several administrators at that site. They only work with Ydna and are unable to help.
Is there anyone out here in DNA land who can just answer a few questions without the inevitable avalanche of numbers, letters and terminology I don't understand?
I am so tired of asking the same questions.
Thanks in advance for your patience!
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