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Results Cannot be Transferred from Geno 2.0 Next Generation to FTDNA anymore

I just received results from the new NatGeo Geno 2.0 Next Generation test by and when I tried to use FTDNA's free transfer, I discovered that there is no way to transfer Helix's results to FTDNA.

The response I got from The Genographic Project was
Unfortunately we are unable to assist with Helix accounts and Helix results at this end of the project.

For all Helix account/results related questions, please call 888-557-4450 or contact via email at the following website:, for more assistance in this matter.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and I am sorry that I could not be of more help, I know this is extremely frustrating.
The response I got from NatGeo was
There aren't any options to export your raw data with our latest kits as of yet.

Customers are automatically added to our lab partner, Helix's platform which they plan on expanding on in the future. Since they've already sequenced your entire exome, and have that on hand, any future DNA service you would want from them, you'd already be sequenced for--and wouldn't pay to be sequenced again.

We are currently working on adding the functionality for users of the Helix kit to download their raw ANCESTRAL data for free.

When this becomes available, we intend to notify those customers by email of the new functionality.

Our lab partner [Helix] will also offer the option to download your FULL raw DNA data as well, at a yet to be disclosed price point in the future. You can contact them for more details on their platform and plans for allowing customers to access their raw data at 844-211-2070.
The response I got from Helix was
The Geno 2.0, powered by Helix, results are not able to be transferred to FTDNA. FTDNA and Helix do not have a partnership so the data cannot be transferred due to the variances In the data produced by FTDNA's genotyping testing and Helixs Exome+ sequencing.

Helix sequences 100x more data that Family Tree's genotype testing and their platform is not designed to interpret that data.
The response I got from Family Tree DNA was
Regarding this issue, Helix Genographic kits can unfortunately not be transferred to FTDNA.
So, no more free transfer from the Genome Project and no discounted Family Finder.

Hopefully, the responsible parties will update their web pages to reflect this change.

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