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Version 2

Middle Eastern 6%
Asia Minor 4%
East Middle East 2%

European 78%
British Isles < 2%
Scandinavia 10%
Southeast Europe 59%

Jewish Diaspora 11%
Ashkenazi < 1%
Sephardic 11%

I am 1/4 Iranian 1/4 French 1/4 Sicilian and 1/4 Polish/German/English

There is NO jewish ancestry in recent times (after c. 1700), my parents both tested with FTDNA and neither have any Jewish results. I am certain the Sephardic 11% should be part of my Middle East results as my grandfather was born in Iran and my father shows the appropriate half middle east in his my origins results.

National Geophraphic's Geno2 test is spot on, my results with them:

Mediterranean 50%

Northern European 26%

Southwest Asian 22%

Northeast Asian 3%

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