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Born in Sweden to a Finnish father and a mixed heritage mother born in Sweden.

My Origins 1.0:
European 99%
Finland and North Siberia 32%
Eastern Europe 21%
Scandinavia 20%
Western and Central Europe 16%
British Isles 10%

My Origins 2.0:

European 98%
Scandinavian 57%
Finland 27%
East Europe 14%
Iberia 2% (where Iberia isn't seen as European by FTDNA for some reason)

Quite the difference between the two.

I have also uploaded to My Heritage where I get the following results:
Europe 100%
Scandinavia 40,9%
Baltic 29,5%
Finnish 17,9%
Irish, Scottish and Welsh 9%
East European 2,5%

Considering how much Baltic MH says I have, I should have one grandparent from the Baltics or two with a heritage from there, but I don't. They're Finnish on my dad's side with some Swedish mixed in - and apparently some from the continent. But their family are divided, where my grandmother's side comes from Karelia, around Lake Ladoga which is now Russian territory, and my grandfather's from Nyland. I can trace my family on his side back 5 generations on my grandmother's side and 12 on my grandfather's, so it's not a completely unknown quantity.

Dad has done the FF test where his MO 2.0 shows 41% Finnish, 33% Scandinavia, 16% East Europe and 9% South East Europe, which is a bit of a surprise. I have uploaded it to MH but the results are not back yet. GEDmatch won't tokenize his data so I don't know what to do there.

Now, I know there must be some Finnish on my mum's side of the family because of an American relative who contacted me who has come further in his research than I have, and he revealed that there's Finnish and Sami in our family, aside from northern Swedish. I know my maternal grandmother's family is from the region north of the Bay of Bothnia, so I'm not terribly surprised by this.

I have also run my results through various tools on GEDmatch.

MDLP K23b:
Swede_Saami 3.16
Finn_West 5.17
Swede 7.3
Norwegian_East 9.99
Austrian 10.62
Finnish-East 11.38
Finnish_FIN 11.52
Finn_East 11.86
Belgian 11.98
Frisian 12.35
English 12.36
Kashub 12.51
Irish 12.54
The reason why I have included MDLP K23b analysis is because it's the best one on GEDmatch if you know you have ancestry north of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, which I have.

Eurogenes K13:
North_Swedish 5.5
Southwest_Finnish 6.21
South_Polish 11.2
Polish 11.53
Finnish 11.76
Austrian 13.15
Ukrainian 13.53
Norwegian 13.72
Ukrainian_Lviv 13.79
Belorussian 14.01
Hungarian 14.11
Russian_Smolensk 14.4
East_Finnish 15.31

Dodecad K12b
Swedish (Dodecad) 5.68
Norwegian (Dodecad) 8.93
Polish (Dodecad) 12.26
Hungarians (Behar) 14.35
Mixed_Slav (Dodecad) 15.62
Ukranians (Yunusbayev) 17.09
Russian (Dodecad) 17.35
Belorussian (Behar) 17.65
British_Isles (Dodecad) 17.93
Orkney (1000Genomes) 17.93
Argyll (1000Genomes) 18.59
Orcadian (HGDP) 18.82
Irish (Dodecad) 19.24

Dodecad V3
FIN (1000Genomes) 11.75
Slovenian (Xing) 12.99
Argyll (1000 Genomes) 14.62
Hungarians (Behar) 15.07
CEU (HapMap) 15.33
Orkney (1000 Genomes) 15.44
Orcadian (HGDP) 15.47
Swedish (Dodecad) 18.15
Finnish (Dodecad) 19.29
Norwegian (Dodecad) 21.35
Polish (Dodecad) 22.96
French (Dodecad) 24.11
British_Isles (Dodecad) 24.39

So, yeah. It's certainly interesting, all of it.

BTW, on My Heritage I have found my closest relative yet via DNA - in western Ireland. We share a great great grandparent, which is exactly where things get hazy for me on mum's side, and apparently so for her as well. The plot thickens.
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