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Originally Posted by darroll View Post
Look at the price of Ancestry.
Then you can wonder how much is accurate.
I don't want to get into a petty fight as I've seen occur on this forum. However I have heard people complain that population finder is not so good here. So I say why not give it a chance. And if FTDNA would allow for a transfer in the future at a reasonable price, that would be a good thing. You can't expect one company to have a MONOPOLY on a product.

Furthermore, expensive does not always mean better. An $83,000 car breaks down just as easily as a $15,000 car. Why, because they are both mechanical and mechanical things break down!

These DNA companies I would imagine have access to similar technologies. So therefore they could probably all eventually be on the same page in regard to results, in the future.

And obviously, it appears that people do look for more answers because they seem to test at more than one company. So it probably all lies within the testers expectations and budget.