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Originally Posted by Deirwha
I am awaiting FGS. After that I, yet another RP, will have come close to exhausting my play money. However, I could always afford $60-70 a pop.

I am anticipating more mysteries await me when my FGS returns. My mother was born on an island. Her family's roots are allegedly nearly 400 years old on that island. But the paper trail is virtually zip. A fair number of members of the purported families of my mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother have taken various levels of dna testing, y and mt. I don't know about X.

I don't anticipate any Native American ancestry, although there is a theoretical possibility because of the alleged presence of Native American ancestry in a family that may be related from the island (who were Sarawak).

Assuming that there is no Native American ancestry, would X testing provide any information that I might be able to use to unravel the tightly interwoven threads of my mother's ancestry despite the absence of a paper trail before 1825? If so, I did not see where that option was available to me through FT DNA except in relation to Native American ancestry. Is there an option at FT DNA? I do not mean to denigrate anyone else, but FT DNA has gained a certain level of trust and respect from me that is not easily won.
That was what I was attempting to say in my post..
The X markers are available at Family Tree DNA..with a fee of $9.50 to "prepare" this sample the X haploblocks at FTDNA such as the 3 marker at DXS 10074-10075-10079 and the 4 markers at DXS 10066-67-68-69 is less than $60..

You can then put the results at Thomas Krahn's database at DNA -Fingerprint.. here :

If you match someone it is interactive and you can then email them..if you have a match fine..if not you are not out many hundreds of more $$..

Right now between my sister and I we have 3 blocks..2 from mother( separate ones) and one from Dad..Since they are X markers you know where you inherit them from..

if enough people did that it would be very helpful..
I currently have 2 matches on one haploblock and 5 matches on the other..the 3rd haploblock is the one that would have come from Dad and that one of course there are no matches on..since I do not know who my Father's father was that one is very important..

But that does not mean I would have necessarily had a match at 23andMe or elsewhere..
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