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I have a close FGS match who has one extra mutation but we have an ancestral spot of our mtDNA ancestors of near Bantry Bay in Cork c. 1837-41.. we match on the Coding region exactly..His sisters and my sister and I share many many markers on our X profiles..
however we do NOT share the X haploblock at DXS 10074-10075-10079 nor do we share the mini block at DXS 10066-67-68.

I DO however share one of my X blocks with one person and the other one with another person.. he is currently testing another relative as am I..we have shared know names

They are minimal in expense at FTDNA and are a good starting point and Thomas Krahn has that interactive database at DNA-FP..there are currently 518 users with datasets displayed there..(Which is free)

If everyone who could not currently afford 23and me who has tested and has a sample at FTDA tested those markers it would be only about $50-60 with a free interactive database that has e-mails attached..

But maybe I do not understand the relevance of the whole genome study?
Many of us have done most of it in bits and pieces..
FGS, Y lines for every ancestor we can find..X and at markers for siblings...
I only have the one sister but I did my son who shares one block of course..
Tom has done a PACK of siblings..bless him..

all are welcome
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