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Originally Posted by tomcat

Thanks for the links to the inheritance graphics. On the graphic for males, I was struck by the consistent reading on the direct female line. That would make X testing a good adjunct to mtDNA results, to further prove relatedness between identical or near matches on mtDNA.

I wish I could afford one of the genome scans but I frittered away my testing dollars on family autosomal and X STR's from DNAF/FTDNA. Sigh. Perhaps the New Year will bring more disposable income and refined offerings from the scanners.
Yes Tomcat you and Al and Blaine and a few others I can think of would be "perfect" candidates for this sort of testing. The latter two have tested with either decodeme or 23andme and so we just have to get a few things sorted around in order to assist everyone to find their various block matches from the Human Diversity Panel. I honestly believe that this is the approach that will tell us for example the migrational history of the Mohawk people back into Asia. If my results are duplicated in others with the same ancestry then we are going to be on a more solid footing. Exciting times ahead.

Hope you can find a way to get tested, I certainly do not regret a penny spent with decodeme and 23andme. I would have to think twice now. There is a downside to being retired - the word "budget" actually takes on a personal meaning. I expect I will have to go cap in hand to family members to ask for a "contribution" in order to get my uncle tested. I have never done that before - I lost track a long time ago of the number of people for whom I had "taken care of" the testing for everything imaginable.

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