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Originally Posted by Lee93742 View Post
Why is it that I have a 66/67 Y DNA match with a person on FTDNA, but when I run a one to one comparison on GEDmatch it comes up with zero segments matching?
It is quite likely that the DNA segments are too small to register due to the luck of the recombination of the DNA. Try setting the minimums to 300 SNP and 3 cM and see how much DNA you get. Note that there is a high probability that the segments will be IBS (random) but if you get a lot of segments the probability is that some of them will be as a result of a common ancestor (IBD). You can use the amount of DNA to get an estimate of TMRCA. I have several 4th cousins that don't show up at all at the standard comparison levels (7 cM) but have huge amounts of small segments shared with me. I also have distant y-DNA matches to me 63/67 who match closely on Gedmatch and this has given me clues to where my paternal line came from in the 17th century.
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