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Originally Posted by wkauffman View Post
Why should the majority of the BigY test clients care to understand and work with matches where their shared ancestor was >2000 years ago?
It is totally inappropriate for FTDNA to decide for us what we should be interested in and what we should not.
I am interested in all my ancestry and I bet many others are. Why shouldn't we ? make a poll...

Also, who were our ancestors 3000 years ago(I mean their descendants as matches, you get that) provides information about where/who they could be 2000 years ago.
This is important precisely for those who don't get matches from a <2000years common ancestor, and who will never get any. Usually from countries who don't test much : France, Germany (all German matches are colonials), Belgium, Central Europe, Eastern Europe all the way to Russia. This is a big chunk. The chances of finding a match with a common ancestor younger than 2000 years from these areas is null.

With a bunch of 3000 years matches you can contact by email, make correlations and perhaps infer who or where are potentially interesting people who should test, who may already be STR match at a level insignificant, but good candidates for a nearby clade in BigY testing... and you get closer and closer. If you know nothing, nothing will happen.

But I concede that a 2000 years old clipping threshold is all good for the Anglo-sphere customers with a heavy testing demographic.
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