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Questions about Y Test Results

I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me understand the details of the Y DNA match test. I got a notice day before yesterday of a new Y match which turns out to be a 1 step match on the Y-37 test. I actually had done a 67 test, but my match only did the 37 test. Out of curiosity on my part, and trying to help my new friend (distant cousin?) understand what the test means, I offered to look at the results and explain them to him.

Since we are both Ashkenazim and both are Halpogroup R2, I guess it is not surprising to see that our match lists are very, very similar. His match list is 46 people (including me) and mine is 43 people (including him). He has 4 matches on his list (all 4 step matches) that are not on my list, and there were none on my list that were not on his. In comparing the matches, none are the same step level on our 2 lists. His matches are all one step different for each match as compared to mine. At 37 level, I had no 0 step matches, he has 4.

In comparing the STR values, the single difference is the CDY marker in Panel 3. Mine is 34-35 and his is 34-34.

My question is, does anyone know enough about how to read these results to know if there is any difference in the level of match based on which marker is different and does the nature of the difference of the marker have any significance in terms of the strength of the match?
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