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Originally Posted by Bill Hurst
Me, I'm from TN and live in VA. Seriously, if you look at the map on the K Project website you will see the top three countries listed for ancestors' European origins are the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belarus. There is no way you generalize K's as Saxon. See below the chart under the mtDNA Results tab at

Bill Hurst
God, you're vague Bill.I mean c'mon Mt K doesn't hail from TN .That's where you migrated to after hundreds of years,but originally people Of Europe were called Angles,Saxons,and Jutes...up in the North and many other tribes of Europe exist too,but they all require study to name and detail. And except for this DNA ,they weren't exactly named or studied.
I'm not being extremely picky ,I just wondered if they (scientists and researchers ,amateur or professional) knew which modern day people were some of the ancient day tribes.
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