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It has been pointed out that R1a matches strongly to the satem half of the Indo-European languages. Looking only at the R1b & R1a content of a population, I note the following:

1. In populations with a lot of R1b & almost no R1a, Celtic or Italic languages (both centum) are usually spoken.

2. In populations with a majority of R1b & a minority of R1a, Germanic languages (centum) are usually spoken.

3. In populations with a majority of R1a & a minority of R1b, Balto-Slavic languages (satem) are usually spoken.

4. In populations with a lot of R1a & almost no R1b, Indo-Iranian languages (satem) are usually spoken.

I'm sure that exceptions can be found. But from a 30,000 foot view, this is the picture that seems to emerge.

Because of this, I suspect that PIE was a blend of both R1b & R1a. The two haplogroups were probably separated by genetic drift in derived populations.

Timothy Peterman
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