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It especially includes E3a and I cannot recall exactly how many new new subclades but at least 34. One thing is for sure, those E3a* that have not found a home will most probably gain one.

Once Dr. Hammer publishes his paper, (which I will surely get a copy), FTDNA will have new SNP tests available for our project members to further refine their clades and relationships.

Since my own father and brothers are E3a*, you know I will be waiting to grab any info as soon as I hear there is any.

Finally, our group will have the ability to reaallly have deep backbone testing.

One of the exciting things that will be available is the further ability for two or three members who closely match to have blocks of their Y Chromosome searched for Haplogroup specific SNPs. This is something that we as a group can help fund since the benefit goes to all those designated as E3a.

The other Haplogorups will have the same opportunity.

Sorry I have not been on the forum as much lately but there are other superb things coming on the horizon which I cannot divulge as yet. However, we will benefit from upcoming happenings greatly.


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casadecoqui ,
It`s great news,but, does this includes E3a`s also and if so how many subclades for it?
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