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I have never seen one

The trees for SNPs along the Y line do not match across services: ISOGG, FTDNA, Yfull have trees, but all such trees are somewhat experimental. I have never received or seen any explanation on FTDNA that breaks down YBP or why my own terminal SNP has been "refined" twice.
Occasionally I have Googled a SNP term and found something, but never for my most recent terminal at FTDNA. YFull gives an entirely different SNP name, but at least shows YBP as interpreted by YFull.
The answer to your question as far as FTDNA is: you have to contact a haplo admin and be at their mercy, because obviously some of the terminology is proprietary. The SNP tools at FTDNA are not really there except as (as you say) a difficult tree that says "you are here because we say so."
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